Senior UX Researcher, Cognizant Accelerator, May 2018-present

  • As first official researcher at the Accelerator, established initial user research framework and processes for newly established six-month Accelerator product idea program

  • Conducted generative and evaluative user research for prospective digital enterprise products in insurance, healthcare, and information services

  • Close collaboration with design, development, business strategy, product management, and product leads

  • Educating product leads, other teams, and management about user research methods and capabilities

  • Discovering best practices for UX research and innovation in enterprise product accelerator


Regular research activities include:

  • Designing and conducting stakeholder interviews, desk research, problem space analysis, subject matter expert identification and interviews, user research plan and timeline

  • Identifying user types, writing screeners, recruiting (using industry associations, online forums, and recruiting agencies), writing interview scripts, conducting and documenting user interviews

  • Analyzing qualitative data, creating personas and process journey maps, identifying and prioritizing key trends from the data

  • Presenting risks and mitigations, product recommendations, and prioritized features

  • Working with designers to create design prototypes, writing scripts for usability interviews and testing, conducting and documenting tests, analyzing data, and presenting recommendations

Other methods used, depending on the project:

  • Affinity mapping with stakeholders in a workshop

  • Top task surveys, Outcome Driven Innovation (ODI) surveys, other qualitative surveys

  • 2x2 matrices mapping features on importance to users to development effort or risk

The women of Cognizant Accelerator at the 2019 grand opening of the new Boulder office; photo credit: Joe Valley.

The women of Cognizant Accelerator at the 2019 grand opening of the new Boulder office; photo credit: Joe Valley.

Outreach in UX Research:

  • Organized panel at American Anthropological Association 2018 Annual Meeting on “Anthropology Outside Academia,” presented to Accelerator on key insights from other anthropologists now working in tech

  • Active in Accelerator Women in Software group, presented on PhD research on women in tech in India

  • Mentor for local Hexagon UX Chapter, geared towards early-career women entering the UX field (two mentees, Spring 2019)