A small collection of things I like to think about

Ethnography and Anthropology

EPIC (Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference), Advancing the Value of Ethnography in Industry: Just about my favorite site for ethnographers in business; see profiles, seminars, and of course, the annual conference

Ethnography Matters: Anthropology, methods, technology--curated content on the overlaps

Anthrodendum, a blog about public anthropology: Always pushing the boundaries of academic anthropology

User Experience Research

UX Matters, a collection of some of the best current discussions in UX

UX Booth, an excellent place to start and continue UX thinking

Boxes and Arrows, a design-leaning take on UX work

UX Lady, detailed rumination on dilemmas UX'ers deal with every day

Boulder UX Research Meetup, my local

Boulder UI/UX Meetup, my other local

Feminism, Technology, India (sometimes together)

Why Loiter?, a blog about women in urban India who hang around, and thereby claim public space

Feminism in India, an intersectional platform for feminist issues in South Asia

Tropes versus Women, Feminist Frequency's spot-on critiques that are useful for teaching

Logic Magazine, a new take on technology journalism

The Scholar & Feminist Online, a webjournal from the Barnard Center for Research on Women